new AUSHAS email address

you can now get to us at an address that isn’t hotmail-based and won’t carry MSN ads. we’re now reachable at delete the old hotmail address if you have it, since we won’t be using it after Kate finishes transferring all the emails over.

“Whoa, electronic mail.


4 Responses to “new AUSHAS email address”

  1. aushas Says:

    you guys have to see asl9’s site. whoever it is thinks honey can be used to cure cancer and ‘mix wrinkles’ and is trying to prove it with the Qur’an… BEST. KOOK. EVER. – A

  2. Brian Says:

    Can alumni get involved in your society? Seeing as, other than the local humanist group, there aren’t any local skeptic / atheist / rationalist groups

    cheers, brian
    UoA graduate

    • aushas Says:

      Brian – don’t see why not, we don’t have restrictions that say they can’t afaik. Email Kate; she’ll know for sure. – AM

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