AGM this Wednesday!

it will be in Taylor A21, at 7:30pm for the masses and 7pm for committee members. there’ll be signs posted so that nobody gets lost who doesn’t know their way around the Languages Labyrinth.

you’ll get to see all of us, your faithful committee, faithfully detail all of our hard work for our godless buddies. irony in my use of the word ‘faithful’ is duly noted. you’ll also be able to supplant any of us except Kia, the Charities Lady, by voting on committee positions (and i could probably be replaced rather easily.)

we’ll be talking about changing the name of the society from AUAHSHAHSHAHASHSAAASSS to AUSHAS, maybe changing the day of the week we meet on to make it easier for people, making the vice-president position official, affiliations, and honorary membership – who should be one and who we want to be one. Kate and Daniel will be presiding over us (like the Obamas, only cooler, less religious and not together.)

turn up, and i might bring snickerdoodles! – AM


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