new committee and changes to the Society

ok, we decided a few things at the AGM. first of all, we’re now officially called AUSHAS instead of AUASHAHASHASSSHHHAAAAAAS, so people can actually remember and/or pronounce our name and so that our secular humanism is emphasised a little more (the atheism scares some unenlightened folks off, apparently.)

second, we’re going to be affiliated with several national organisations, like the CU are, to give us more of a network and a better resource pool. more on that when the affiliations go through.

third, we gagged Jerzy (and probably also my Dawkins-loving, Hitchens-quoting, Grayling-fanclubbing self) at SA functions, because he’s been a very naughty boy, and there is only one way to deal with very naughty boys.

fourth, we gave Alex, our founder President, honourary membership for life, and changed the way we give out honourary membership so that an actual contributuion needs to be made, and a couple committee members need to make the nomination. it’s to avoid people who sat on the committee but didn’t do anything getting auto-hons when they graduate.

lastly, we democratically elected a brand new committee and there was much rejoicing. the roster is:

President: Nooreen Akhtar

Kate Foggo – Secretary

Andrew Beggs – Treasurer

Sandy Gardner – Publicity Officer

Kia Sheldon – Charities Officer

Vicky Armstrong – Ordinary Member

Alicia Mason – Web Officer

enjoy your new AUSHAS! – AM


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