Fresher’s Fayre 2009

I’m having one of those ‘Trying to sort everything out days’, and thus felt I should put something here to show we’re not dead. The only news I have for you right now, before our committee meeting next week, is that we will definitely be at the AUSA Societies Fayre, come rain or shine. You’ll be able to meet whichever committee members are on duty when you turn up, pay your subscription fee for the year (£3) and find out a bit more detail about what we’re generally up to. Also we’ll have those cool badges again from the NSS which we had last year, that are bright and say ‘”Atheist”or “Secular” on them.

Societies Fayre is on Wednesday 23rd September, from 11am-3pm in the marquee on King’s playing fields. I suggest turning up at either end of the day if you’re not a fan of getting crushed, it gets really busy in the early afternoon.