new URL now active

peeps, instead of bookmarking the wordpress URL, you can alternatively now bookmark which will redirect you after 10s to here (or there’s a link there). it’s just easier to remember, type etc. update your bookmarks.html!


new AUSHAS email address

you can now get to us at an address that isn’t hotmail-based and won’t carry MSN ads. we’re now reachable at delete the old hotmail address if you have it, since we won’t be using it after Kate finishes transferring all the emails over.

“Whoa, electronic mail.

New links and forums

Godless buddies:

We now have a forum! You can get to it at . Sign yourselves up for accounts, start debates, talk about whether Christopher Hitchens secretly loves cute puppy dogs, etc. Enjoy.

Also, I expanded our blogroll and site directory, so get out your RSS readers and bookmark editors.


New site in development

Godless buddies –

This is the new AUSHAS blog and website, still in development. I’ve also got us a custom domain,, which is hopefully going to be hooked up by the end of this week if I can figure out how, and there’s a lot more to come, like a forum, committee profiles, etc. Mail any changes you desperately want to a.mason.06 via Studentmail.